CS2023 Version Beta

  1. Version Beta report
    1. Feedback form – please provide feedback about specific sections in Version Beta, preferably by May 31st.
    2. Reviewer form – please volunteer to review specific knowledge areas in the report
  2. Surveys:
    1. Characteristics of computer science graduates
    2. Challenges for computer science programs
  3. Curricular Practices articles:
    1. Accessibility (Feedback form)
    2. CS+X (Feedback form)
    3. Future of Educational Materials  (Feedback form)
    4. Liberal Arts Perspective (Feedback form)
    5. Community College Perspective (Feedback form)
    6. Geographic Regions:
      1. Africa (Feedback form)
      2. Arab World (Feedback form)
      3. China (Feedback form)
      4. Philippines (Feedback form)
      5. Australia (Feedback form)